At Lalani Law, we understand that each one of us impacts our social and physical environments by our words and actions, each one of us can make a valuable contribution to our local communities, and together we can make sustainable changes globally. For these reasons, we support a number of initiatives toward positive change to improve the lives of those in need. Some of the initiatives we support include:

  • Aga Khan Foundation for the allieviation of poverty globally;
  • Christian Children’s Fund to provide poverty stricken children globally with the basic care they need;
  • Women Against Violence to provide counselling for women who have experienced abuse and empower them to improve the lives of their children in order to break the cycle;
  • Canadian Red Cross to support disaster relief globally; and
  • Wilderness Society to raise awareness of environmental issues.

We also undertake work pro bono and are involved in a number of community matters, both locally and abroad. We believe in giving and leading the future.